kidney tumours

Last edited 05/2019 and last reviewed 05/2019

Tumours of the kidney may arise from the renal parenchyma or from the urothelial lining of the collecting system. They account for about 3% of all malignancies.

The most important renal parenchymal tumours are:

  • renal adenocarcinoma:
    • 90% of all primary renal tumours
    • confined to adults

  • nephroblastoma:
    • 3% of all primary renal tumours
    • presents in infancy or early childhood

  • metastases:
    • most common renal tumour
    • often asymptomatic

Transitional cell carcinoma is the only important tumour of the renal pelvis. It accounts for 5% of all primary renal tumours, and often presents late. It is discussed with other urothelial tumours.

Angiomyolipoma is an important benign tumour.