bone cyst(solitary)

Last reviewed 01/2018

A solitary bone cyst is a benign tumour. The site for a solitary bone cyst is usually in the upper humerus, femur or tibia. Solitary bone cysts are generally seen in children. These tumours are hardly ever seen in adults and it is assumed that they spontaneously resolve with age.

A cyst may present clinically as a localized ache or a pathological fracture. Radiology reveals a translucent area on the shaft side of the growth disc. There may be thinning of the cortex and the bone may be expanded.

If a fracture occurs through a cyst then this generally results in obliteration of the cyst. Also, if corticosteroids are injected into a cyst then this too will result in their obliteration. A cyst can also be evacuated and the cavity filled with bone chips.