clinical features

Last reviewed 01/2018

  • generally uterine rupture occurs in pregnancy - in rarer instances the uterine rupture precedes labour (generally a dehiscence of a caesarian scar)
  • abominal pain
    • variable - may be severe; in some cases women may only have mild pain and uterine tenderness
  • vaginal bleeding
    • again a variable feature - this is because bleeding is intraperitoneal
  • other possible features include:
    • maternal shock
    • maternal tachycardia
    • cessation of uterine contractions
    • fetal distress
    • disappearance of fetal presenting part from the pelvis
  • if uterine rupture occurs postpartum then the woman then a uterine rupture should be considered if there is:
    • a continuous postpartum haemorrhage (with a well- contracted uterus)
    • postpartum haemorrhage after cervical repair
    • shock