vision (assessment in children)

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At birth:

  • family history
  • congenital malformation
  • does baby look at mother's face when feeding
  • test - red reflex, pupil reactions, look for corneal clouding

At 6 weeks:

  • is there parental concern?
  • fixation on face
  • does baby follow face/red ball towards midline
  • test red reflex, corneal clouding

At 8 months:

  • parental concern?
  • does infant follow moving objects across room?
  • does infant fixate on small objects and reaches out to pick them up
  • family history of visual problems
  • assess for squint

At 3 years:

  • visual acuity at 6 metres (acuity can be assessed at 3 - 3 1/2 years of age)
  • letter watching e.g. Sheridan-Gardiner
  • each eye seaparately
  • assess for squint

At school:

  • Snellen chart at 6 metres
  • test near vision
  • assess for squint
  • colour vision testing e.g. Ishihara
  • regular tests for myopia

Last reviewed 01/2018