Last reviewed 09/2022

Hyperhidrosis is the production of sweat which is in excess of that needed for normal thermoregulation (1).

  • the condition although often goes unreported, have a negative effect on quality of life
  • it may be associated with an unpleasant odour (bromhidrosis) caused by  by products of bacteria that colonise sweaty areas (1)

Hyperhydrosis can be primary (idiopathic hyperhidrosis) and secondary hyperhidrosis. Furthermore excessive sweating in patients can be either in a localized area (focal) or over the entire body (generalized) (2)

  • primary disease is usually focal and may affect
    • axillae (73%)
    • hands (45.9%)
    • feet (41.1%)
    • scalp (22.8%)
    • groin (9.3%)
  • secondary hyperhidrosis can be generalized or focal (1,2)