antiemetics in different conditions

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  • Gastric stasis or bloating - antimemetic Metoclopramide or domperidone; useful adjunct - asilone Susp or peppermint water

  • bowel obstruction
    • without colic: metoclopramide; useful adjuncts - dexamethasone, docusate
    • with colic: cyclizine or methotrimeprazine; useful adjuncts - haloperidol, buscopan, dexamethasone

  • morphine/toxic/metabolic: haloperidol or methotrimeprazine; useful adjunct - cyclizine

  • raised intracranial pressure: cyclizine plus dexamethasone

  • sensory stimuli or anxiety: cyclizine or hyoscine hydrobromide or methotrimeprazine; codeine Linctus for cough

  • chemotherapy: metoclopramide; useful adjunct - dexamethasone

Last reviewed 01/2018