bronchopulmonary segment six (right lung)

Last reviewed 01/2018


The superior or apical bronchopulmonary segment of the inferior lobe of the right lung is supplied by the apical segmental bronchus, a branch of the right inferior lobe bronchus. The apical segmental bronchus is the most superior bronchus of the posterior aspect of the bronchial tree; hence, this segment is particularly prone to aspiration of fluid when a patient lies supine.

Its surface markings are posteriorly in a broad band between the rib 5 or 6 inferiorly to rib 9 or 10. It presents a small triangular surface to both the costal and mediastinal surfaces of the lung.

Anterosuperior to the apical segment is the superior margin of the oblique fissure and the inferior surface of the posterior bronchopulmonary segment of the superior lobe. Inferiorly, from medial to lateral, the inferior surface of the apical segment is in apposition to the superior surfaces of the posterior basal, lateral basal and anterior basal bronchopulmonary segments of the inferior lobe. Inferiorly and anterior to these segments, the apical segment sits superior to the medial basal segment. Alternatively, in roughly half of the population the apical segment of the inferior lobe can sit superior to a distinct subapical segment.

Anteromedial to the apical segment is the hilum of the right lung.