treatment of primary ovarian failure

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Managing premature ovarian insuffificiency

  • offer sex steroid replacement with a choice of HRT or a combined hormonal contraceptive to women with premature ovarian insufficiency, unless contraindicated (for example, in women with hormone-sensitive cancer)

  • NICE suggest that a clinician should explain to women with premature ovarian insufficiency:
    • the importance of starting hormonal treatment either with HRT or a combined hormonal contraceptive and continuing treatment until at least the age of natural menopause (unless contraindicated)
    • that the baseline population risk of diseases such as breast cancer and cardiovascular disease increases with age and is very low in women aged under 40
    • that HRT may have a beneficial effect on blood pressure when compared with a combined oral contraceptive that both HRT and combined oral contraceptives offer bone protection
    • that HRT is not a contraceptive

  • consider referring women with premature ovarian insufficiency to healthcare professionals who have the relevant experience to help them manage all aspects of physical and psychosocial health related to their condition.


Last reviewed 01/2018