congenital cardiac disease with cyanosis

Last reviewed 01/2018

Congenital cardiac disease with cyanosis implies that cyanosis is a major feature at presentation.

They are disorders where the shunt is right to left. These conditions are uncommon, especially in adults, since there is a high mortality if corrective cardiac surgery is not undertaken.

There are many examples of cyanotic congenital heart disease. More well known include:

  • Fallot's tetralogy
  • pulmonary stenosis
  • Eisenmenger's syndrome
  • transposition of the great vessels
  • total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage
  • tricuspid atresia
  • pulmonary atresia

Clubbing of the fingers and toes is associated with cyanotic congenital heart disease - it does not appear until approximately 3 months of age. Clubbing appears first in the thumb (1).


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