uterus unicornis

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Failure to develop of both Mullerian ducts results in absence of both the uterus and oviducts. The patient has amenorrhoea which cannot be corrected. Ovaries are often present so that in theory, the woman may be able to parent a child using in vitro fertilisation and a surrogate mother. NB. that under UK law, a surrogate mother cannot receive any financial reward.

Absence of one paramesonephric duct results in a unicornute uterus with a single oviduct. A unicornute uterus with both oviducts results when one duct develops incompletely.

A unicornute uterus is usually asymptomatic until labour which is associated with increased incidences of late abortion, premature labour and breech.

The upper part of the vagina is absent, but usually, the vagina is functionally normal.

Last reviewed 01/2018