common infections in hypogammaglobulinaemia

Last reviewed 01/2018

Infections in patients with hypogammaglobulinaemia tend to run a much more severe course.

  • enterovirus infection may cause:
    • meningitis
    • convulsions
    • VIIth nerve palsy
    • deafness
    • weight loss
    • headache
    • non-pitting oedema of the lower limb
    • myositis
    • progression over several years
    • may cause death due to brain stem damage

  • mycoplasmas - commonly causes septic arthritis

  • bacteria:
    • Haemophilus influenzae pneumonia is the commonest infection, often preceded by a viral upper respiratory tract infection
    • repeated infection may cause bronchiectasis and cor pulmonale
    • pneumococcal meningitis and pneumonia
    • in young patients there may be pyoderma or septic arthritis due to Staphylococcal infection

  • protozoans:
    • Giardia lamblia