chordae tendineae (right heart, anatomy)

Last reviewed 01/2018

The chordae tendineae of the right heart have been classified into the following groups:

  • fan-shaped: single chordae stem diverges directly from the papillary muscle to form a number of fine chordae which attach to the edges of the commisures between the leaflets
  • rough zone: the main stem of the chordae divides into three from the papillary muscle to insert into:
    • the edge of the free margin of the leaflet
    • the inner limit of the roughened suface on the ventricular side of a given leaflet
    • a point between the preceeding attachments
  • free edge: single chordae arising from either end of a papillary muscle and inserting roughly into the mid-point of a given leaflet
  • deep:
    • do not diverge until very close to the valve leaflet
    • insert into rough zone or area slighly nearer the annulus on the ventricular surface of each leaflet - the clear zone
  • basal:
    • extremely variable shape
    • insert into the basal part of the ventricular surface of the leaflet