adrenaline in paediatric ALS

Last reviewed 11/2021

  • adrenaline is an endogenous catecholamine with potent alpha, beta 1, and beta 2 adrenergic actions
  • adrenaline induces vasoconstriction, increases coronary perfusion pressure, enhances the contractile state of the heart, stimulates spontaneous contractions, and increases the intensity of VF so increasing the likelihood of successful defibrillation
  • recommended IV/IO dose of adrenaline in children is 10 microgram per kg
    • dose of adrenaline via the tracheal tube route is ten times the IV dose (100 microgram per kg)
      • this route should be avoided if at all possible as evidence shows that there may be a paradoxical effect
  • subsequent doses of adrenaline, if needed, should be given every 3-5 min


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