GISSI-3 trial

Last reviewed 07/2022

19394 patients who presented within 24 hr of the onset of symptoms of acute myocardial infarction were randomised to:

  • 6 weeks oral lisinopril vs. open control
  • nitrates (i.v. then transdermal) vs. open control

Other treatments, such as aspirin, beta-blockers and thrombolytics, were administered as clinically indicated.

Lisinopril was found to significantly reduce:

  • overall mortality at 6 weeks (odds ratio = 0.88)
  • severe ventricular dysfunction (odds ratio = 0.90)

Nitrates alone did not have a significant effect.

The combination of nitrates and lisinopril was slightly better than lisinopril alone in reducing:

  • overall mortality at 6 weeks (odds ratio = 0.83)
  • severe ventricular dysfunction (odds ratio = 0.85)


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