cor pulmonale

Last edited 08/2022

Cor pulmonale is lung disease complicated by the following:

  • right ventricular failure
  • fluid retention
  • chronic hypoxia

Excluded is right ventricular enlargement secondary to:

  • diseases of the left side of the heart
  • congenital heart disease

Management (1):

  • patients presenting with cor pulmonale should be assessed for the need for long-term oxygen therapy
    • ensure that people with cor pulmonale caused by COPD are offered COPD treatment
  • oedema associated with cor pulmonale can usually be controlled symptomatically with diuretic therapy
  • the following are not recommended for the treatment of cor pulmonale:
    • angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors
    • calcium channel blockers
    • alpha-blockers
    • digoxin (unless there is atrial fibrillation)