urine collection

Last reviewed 07/2022

Methods of urine collection that may be used include:

  • midstream urine specimen - this is ideal for adults, and for children who are continent and can void their bladder on request
  • a clean-catch specimen - this is collected by having the sterile container with lid removed easily available, so that the sample can be easily collected if the child voids
  • bag urine specimens - these are frequently used for young children but are also easily contaminated
  • specimens from absorbent pads in nappies - pads are placed inside a clean nappy and then checked every 10 minutes until wet (but not soiled). The urine is then aspirated with a syringe. Specimens are easily contaminated
  • suprapubic aspiration of urine - the most accurate method of collecting urine for diagnosis of infection in children less than 2 years of age
  • catheter urine specimen - not used routinely

It is important to indicate what method of collection was used for proper interpretation of results.