cerivastatin - suspension of marketing and distribution

Last reviewed 01/2018

Bayer has taken action to suspend the marketing and distribution of Lipobay (cerivastatin) in the UK and all other markets where gemfibrozil is available (1). This is because of concerns regarding the risk of rhabdomyolysis when cerivastatin is co-prescribed with gemfibrozil.

Bayer have recommended that patients who are currently receiving Lipobay should be transferred to alternative lipid lowering therapy when their next prescription is due. Also Bayer recommend that any patients who are receiving Lipobay in combination with gemfibrozil should be called for review and alternative lipid lowering treatment should be prescribed (1).


  1. Bayer plc (9th August 2001). Letter re: Lipobay (cerivastatin) - suspension of marketing and distribution.