malabsorption of micronutrients

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Malabsorption of fat soluble vitamins develops more easily than that of water soluble vitamins as they share the same fatty acid transport system as dietary fatty acids. Vitamins with marginal intakes e.g. vitamin D and K, are particularly vulnerable. The effects of individual deficiencies are discussed in detail elsewhere.

Common symptoms include:

  • glossitis, angular stomatitis, pallor - vitamin B12, folate, and iron deficiency
  • hyperkeratosis, night blindness - vitamin A deficiency
  • bruising, bleeding - vitamin K deficiency
  • bone pain - vitamin D deficiency
  • dermatitis, pellagra - niacin deficiency
  • psychological disturbance - thiamine deficiency
  • paraesthesia, tetany - calcium deficiency
  • acrodermatitis, poor wound healing - zinc deficiency
  • muscle weakness - calcium, magnesium deficiency

Last reviewed 08/2018