lung root (right, anatomy)

Last reviewed 01/2018

The lung root on the right is ensheathed by the pulmonary ligament which hangs inferiorly. The relations of the root to landmarks on the surface of the lung is described in the submenu on the mediastinal surface.

The right-sided lung root is approximately quadrangular in shape and central within the mediastinal surface. The relations of structures within the root are:

  • anteroinferiorly:
    • right superior pulmonary vein, which is superior to
    • right inferior pulmonary vein - the lowest root structure
  • posterosuperiorly: right principal lobe bronchus inferior to superior lobe bronchus - the eparterial bronchus; the eparterial bronchus divides from the principal bronchus before the mass of the lung
  • intermediate to pulmonary veins and bronchi:
    • superiorly: branch of pulmonary artery to superior lobe; divides from right pulmonary artery outside mass of lung
    • inferiorly: right pulmonary artery