clinical features

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The skin lesions in pityriasis versicolor:

  • presents as multiple well-demarcated, scaly, oval-to-round hypo or hyperpigmented macules
  • these macules frequently coalesce into larger patches (1)
  • observed primarily on the trunk and proximal parts of the limbs with the face, scalp and genitalia infrequently involved (2)
  • can be of varying colours e.g.- white, pink, tan, light brown, and dark brown (2)

There is a superficial scale which is subtle and is best seen by gently scraping the surface with a scalpel blade, edge of a glass slide, or a fingernail (1).

In untanned white caucasians, the lesion is hyperpigmented and fawny. In darker skins or heavily tanned people, the lesion shows depigmentation. Overall, there is a dappled appearance.

The disease is usually asymptomatic. Some patients may experience mild pruritus (2).


Last reviewed 01/2018