measurements of intracardiac pressure with cardiac cath.

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Valve disease:

  • aortic valve - a gradient of 50 mmHg indicates moderate stenosis, and 70 mmHg or more indicates severe stenosis
  • mitral and tricuspid stenosis - 10 mmHg is moderate stenosis, 15 mmHg is severe

Myocardial disease:

  • in dilated cardiomyopathy the end diastolic pressure, or EDP, is raised
  • in restrictive cardiomyopathy - the EDP of both ventricles is raised
  • HOCM - may be a pressure load in within the left ventricle. The gradient can be increased by a reduction reduction in afterload, or by ionotropic stimulation, for example, by isoprenaline.

Pericardial disease is best demonstrated by echocardiography.

Last reviewed 11/2021