cranial nerves

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The following list provides a guide to the rapid assessment of the cranial nerves

  • I - rarely tested, subjective assessment
  • II
    • acuity
    • fields
    • fundi
  • III, IV and VI
    • movements & nystagmus
    • diplopia
    • pupils same size and equally reactive to light and accommodation
  • V
    • sensation to light touch, pain and cold
    • masseter and pterygoid muscle strength
    • corneal reflex, if appropriate
  • VII
    • furrowing of brow on frowning, raising of eyebrows
    • show teeth, smile, puff out cheeks
    • screwing up of eyes
    • facial movement
  • VIII
    • repeat number whispered into each ear
    • Rinne's test
    • Weber's test
  • IX, X
    • palatal movement, difficulty swallowing, gag reflex
    • quality of speech:
      • nasal
      • guttural
      • say "ee"
  • XI
    • sternocleidomastoid and trapezius bulk and strength
  • XII
    • tongue at rest and on movements to command, e.g. protrude
    • say "la" and "ta"; quality of articulation

Last reviewed 01/2018