bone diseases causing asymptomatic elevation of ALP

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The common diseases which may cause asymptomatic chronic elevation of alkaline phosphatase include:

  • Paget's disease
  • osteomalacia (vitamin D deficiency)

Note that vitamin D insufficiency may also be associated with an asymptomatic raised alkaline phosphatase level.

  • vitamin D deficiency
    • profiles of serum calcium, phosphate and alkaline phosphatase may sometimes be helpful in the diagnosis of vitamin D deficiency
      • note though that serum calcium and phosphate concentrations only fall in longstanding, symptomatic, vitamin D deficiency; there is an increase in levels of alkaline phosphatase (total and bone-specific) increase early in vitamin D deficiency
        • this is a non-specific finding, but may be helpful in diagnosing individuals with otherwise unexplained elevations in alkaline phosphatase

Last reviewed 09/2019