symptomatic treatment

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  • treatment should ideally aim at the cause (1):
  • treatment options include:
    • medical management
    • vestibular rehabilitation exercises (2)
  • for most cases the main requirement is for effective symptom control.
    • for acute attacks, treatments include: -
      • cinnarizine, 15-30 mg t.d.s. or
      • prochloperazine tablets 5-10 mg or buccal 3mg t.d.s.
      • prochloperazine injection 12.5 mg i.m. }if vomiting
      • prochloperazine suppository 25mg p.r. }
    • preventive measures for recurrent attacks include:
      • restrict salt and fluid intake - stop smoking and restrict excess coffee or alcohol
      • betahistine hydrochloride 16mg regularly t.d.s. seems most effective in Meniere's
      • cinnarizine, 15-30 mg t.d.s. , or } for frequent
      • prochlorperazine 5-10 mg t.d.s.} attacks

NB warn patient where drugs may sedate.


Last reviewed 01/2018