in the normovolaemic patient

Last reviewed 03/2021

Seek expert advice.

In normovolaemic patients the JVP is not raised and there is no evidence of systemic oedema or pulmonary congestion.

Fluid balance is maintained by a daily fluid intake of 300-400 ml plus an amount that is equal to the total fluid output of the previous day.

Thorough and accurate records of the patient's intake and output are an essential part of the management.

The patient must be weighed daily, twice daily checking of the JVP, lying and standing blood pressure, and monitoring of possible systemic oedema and pulmonary oedema must be undertaken. Hypervolaemia is indicated if there is a rapid rise in weight, a raise in JVP, or the development of oedema. Hypovolaemia is indicated if there is a loss in weight or the development of postural hypotension.