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Sampling is performed under ultrasound control.

The approach may be transcervical or transabdominal:

  • transcervical approach: with the patient in the semi-lithotomy position a catheter is introduced through the cervix, into the the chorion frondosum; a sample is aspirated
  • transabdominal approach: with the patient supine, the incision site is infiltrated with local anaesthetic and the sampling needle is inserted

The transabdominal route is preferred because the risk of infection is thought to be lower and it can be used throughout the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

Rhesus negative mothers should receive anti-Rhesus D immunuoglobulin i.m. after the procedure.


showing the transcervical method for chorionic villus sampling:

Showing the transabdominal approach:


Last edited 03/2020 and last reviewed 03/2020