right lymphatic duct (anatomy)

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The right lymphatic duct is the right-sided equivalent of the thoracic duct. Usually, it is formed from the convergence of:

  • right subclavian lymphatic trunk
  • right jugular lymphatic trunk
  • right bronchomediastinal lymphatic trunk

One of more of these vessels may fuse directly with the right subclavian, right internal jugular vein or right brachiocephalic vein.

Hence, the right lymphatic duct drains into the venous system, usually the medial side of the internal jugular vein, from:

  • the right side of the head and neck
  • the right upper limb
  • the right thoracic cavity

The duct is quite short and its relations are:

  • posterior: scalenus anterior
  • medially: internal jugular vein
  • inferiorly: superior surface of first rib

Last reviewed 01/2018