atrophic gastritis

Last edited 04/2020 and last reviewed 04/2020

This was previously known as Type A gastritis.

Autoimmune gastritis is mainly confined to the acid- secreting corpus mucosa. The gastritis is diffuse and eventually severe atrophy develops.

Investigations include:

  • endoscopy - diffuse chronic gastritis and atrophy of the corpus mucosa with antral sparing
  • blood tests
    • antibodies to parietal cell antibodies or intrinsic factor are generally present
    • gastrin levels are high when the patient becomes achlorhydric

  • double-contrast barium meal (now rarely used) - may be abnormal and show thin gastric folds


  • treatment of pernicious anaemia; there also be associated iron deficiency (1)


  • Mohamed M et al. Pernicious anaemia. BMJ 2020;369:m1319.