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sick headache

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  • headache disorders  are classified by the ICHD-II as (1)
    • primary headache disorders:
      • migraine
      • tension type headache
      • cluster headache and other trigeminal autonomic cephalagias
      • other primary headache disorders
    • secondary headache disorders
      • these include a new headache occurring with another lesion capable of causing it.( e.g., headache attributed to intracranial tumour)
  • migraine is a common disabling primary headache disorder
    • it is the most common cause of recurrent disabling headache in the population.
  • migraine is a syndrome characterised by:
    • periodic headaches with complete resolution between attacks
    • an attack may be composed of the following stages:
      • prodrome
      • aura
      • headache
      • resolution
    • the frequency of attacks is variable:
      • as high as several per week
      • as low as several per lifetime
    • a prodrome is a vague change in mood or appetite
    • an aura is a clear neurological symptom:
      • visual disturbance
      • motor or sensory disturbance
  • in children, migraine is a diagnosis of exclusion (3).



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