female school staff guidance when pupil has an infection

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Guidance regarding female staff in school who may be pregnant and exposed to infection from children (1)

  • chickenpox:
    • may affect the pregnancy of a woman who has not previously had the disease
    • if a pregnant woman is exposed in pregnancy then she should promptly inform her GP and whoever is giving her ante-natal care who can do a blood test to check she is immune; subsequent management will depend on the woman's immune status
  • german measles (Rubella):
    • if a woman who is not immune to rubella is exposed to this infection in early pregnancy her baby can be affected. Female staff should be able to show evidence of immunity to rubella or, if that is not available, have a blood test and, if appropriate, immunisation
    • if a woman who may be pregnant comes into contact with rubella she should inform her GP promptly
  • slapped cheek disease (Parvovirus):
    • occasionally, parvovirus can affect an unborn child. If a woman is exposed early in pregnancy (before 20 weeks) she should promptly inform whoever is giving her ante-natal care.


  1. Department of Health (2005). Guidance on infection control in schools and nurseries

Last reviewed 07/2021