Karnofsky Performance-Status Scores

Last reviewed 01/2018

  • 100% The patient has no complaints and is without evidence of disease

  • 90% The patient has minor signs/symptoms, but is able to carry out his or her normal activities

  • 80% The patient demonstrates some signs/symptoms and requires some effort to carry out normal activities

  • 70% The patient is able to care for self, but is unable to do his or her normal activities or active work

  • 60% The patient is able to care for self, but requires occasional assistance

  • 50% The patient requires medical care and much assistance with self care

  • 40% The patient is disabled and requires special care and assistance

  • 30% The patient is severely disabled and hospitalisation is indicated; death is not imminent

  • 20% The patient is very ill with hospitalisation and active life-support treatment necessary

  • 10% The patient is moribund with fatal process proceeding rapidly

  • 0% Dead.