potassium containing foods

Last reviewed 07/2021

  • potassium is present in all animal and plant tissues
    • major dietary sources include:
      • milk (1.4-1.5 mg/kg)
      • fruit and vegetables (0.8-4.4 mg/kg)
      • fish (1.9-3.5 mg/kg)
      • shellfish (0.3 to 3.9 mg/kg)
      • beef (2-3.5 mg/kg)
      • chicken and turkey (3 mg/kg)
      • liver is also a rich source of potassium (2.5 to 4.2 mg/kg).

Potassium chloride is used in fertilisers and plant nutrients and thus may increase the potassium content of plants.

A list of high potassium containing foodstuffs is presented below (2):


  • fruit and vegetable juices
  • coffee
  • milk or milky drinks
  • beer, cider, lager, sherry, wine


  • all dried fruit
  • bananas, mango, grapes, apricots, rhubarb, fresh grapefruit, pineapple


  • tomatoes, beetroot, plantain, mushrooms, sweet corn, avocadoes, aubergine, parsnip, spinach


  • chocolate, toffee, black treacle
  • marzipan


  • all nuts
  • all potato crisps
  • Bombay mix

Potatoes - baked or roast potatoes, chips