ICD-10 depression diagnostic criteria

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Diagnostic criteria for depression ICD-10 uses an agreed list of ten depressive symptoms

Key symptoms:

        • persistent sadness or low mood;and/or
        • loss of interests or pleasure
        • fatigue or low energy
      • at least one of these, most days, most of the time for at least 2 weeks
    • if any of above present, ask about associated symptoms:
      • disturbed sleep
      • poor concentration or indecisiveness
      • low self-confidence
      • poor or increased appetite
      • suicidal thoughts or acts
      • agitation or slowing of movements
      • guilt or self-blame
  • the 10 symptoms then define the degree of depression and management is based on the particular degree
    • not depressed (fewer than four symptoms)
    • mild depression (four symptoms)
    • moderate depression (five to six symptoms)
    • severe depression (seven or more symptoms, with or without psychotic symptoms)
    • symptoms should be present for a month or more and every symptom should be present for most of every day


Last reviewed 11/2020