clinical manifestations of UTI

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  • Acute urethral syndrome - seen in women with symptoms of cystitis without demonstrable bacteriuria/low bacterial count or vulvovaginal infection

  • Uncomplicated UTI - seen in people without any underlying structural or neurological lesions of the urinary tract or any other risk factors which predispose the host to bacterial infections

  • Acute uncomplicated cystitis - usually seen in young women (can be seen in some men as well), has a sudden onset with severe symptoms which are frequently accompanied by pyuria and bacteriuria

  • Complicated UTI - seen in patients who are at a risk of acquiring an infection (e.g. - instrumentation, obstruction, anatomical or physiological abnormalities) or in treatment failure. Relapses may occur with the same organism. Examples of complicated UTI include:
    • acute pyelonephritis
    • chronic pyelonephritis
    • perinephric abscess
    • renal abscess (1)


Last reviewed 01/2018