aetiology of knee pain by anatomic site

Last reviewed 01/2018

The anatomic site of the pain can be useful in achieving an accurate diagnosis (1).

  • anterior knee pain
    • patellar tendon causes - Osgood-Slatter, Sindig-Larsen-Johanssen, tendinopathy/rupture
    • patella causes - chondromalacia, patello femoral OA, stress fracture, Bipartite patella, Osteochondritis
    • intra-articular pathology - meniscal tear/cysts, plica syndromes o bursitis - prepatellar (2)
  • medial knee pain
    • medial collateral ligament sprain
    • medial meniscal tear
    • pes anserine bursitis
    • medial plica syndrome
  • lateral knee pain
    • lateral collateral ligament sprain o lateral meniscal tear
    • iliotibial band tendonitis
  • posterior knee pain
    • popliteal cyst (Baker's cyst)
    • posterior cruciate ligament injury (1)