uterus involution post pregnancy

Last edited 11/2019 and last reviewed 11/2019

The uterus increases in size and weight during pregnancy due to the effects of oestrogen, progesterone and chronic stretching on the myometrium due to the growing fetus.

After birth the uterus weighs about 1 kg and the uterine fundus is at the level of the umbilicus. After about two weeks the uterus is no longer palpable abdominally. The weight of the uterus drops to about 50-60 g at about 6 weeks after delivery.

After delivery there is a continuation of uterine activity and for about the first twelve hours the mother may experience regular, strong, well co-ordinated contractions that are similar to those of labour. These contractions gradually decrease in intensity and frequency after this period. Contractions are more painful, in general, in the multigravida. It is not unusual for the mother to experience contractions during breast feeding in early puerperium.