long QT syndrome and progestogen only pill (POP)

Last edited 10/2021 and last reviewed 10/2021

  • based on the current evidence, the progestogen-only pill is probably a suitable alternative to the combined oral contraceptive pill in women still wishing to use an oral preparation when the combined oral contraceptive pill is contraindicated because of cardiovascular risk factors - however these women still need to be carefully screened and monitored
  • the limited available evidence does not support an association between cardiovascular disease and use of a POP (2)

Note though that in women with congenital long QT syndrome (LQTS)(3)

  • study evidence has shown that that progestin-only OC (oral contraceptive) was associated with a pronounced 2.8-fold increased risk of CEs (cardiac events) in women who did not receive beta-blocker therapy, while beta-blockers were highly protective during progestin-only OC treatment


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