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Cremation form 5 - confirmatory medical certificate

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Form Cremation 5 - Confirmatory Medical Certificate


  • Form Cremation 5 may not be required if the death occurred in hospital, the deceased was an in-patient there, a post-mortem examination has been carried out or supervised by a registered medical practitioner of at least 5 years' standing (who is not a relative of the deceased, or a relative, partner or colleague in the same practice or clinical team of the medical practitioner giving form Cremation 4) and the medical practitioner giving form Cremation 4 is fully aware of the post-mortem examination. If the medical practitioner performing the post-mortem examination is not independent of the medical practitioner giving form Cremation 4, or the medical practitioner giving form Cremation 4 is not aware of the results of the post-mortem examination then the medical referee will require form Cremation 5 to be filled in, which could cause delay to the funeral and additional cost to the applicant

  • if form Cremation 5 has been completed where there is no need to do so, any fee paid should be refunded to the applicant

  • very important to note that the cause of death on the form Cremation 5 does not need to be the same as the one given on the form Cremation 4, but you do need to explain any discrepancy on form Cremation 5

  • "...We consider that, with the exception of Questions 6 and 7, you should answer all questions in Part 2 of the form in the affirmative except in the most extreme circumstances (e.g. if the form Cremation 4 medical practitioner is taken seriously ill). However you should note that Question 2 should only be answered in the affirmative if you have seen and questioned a medical practitioner other than the form Cremation 4 medical practitioner..." (2)


  • If you have not been able to see or speak with the form Cremation 4 medical practitioner, you should only complete form Cremation 5 to show that the inquiries have been 'adequate'. This course of action should only be taken in the most exceptional circumstances, for example when the form Cremation 4 medical practitioner has fallen seriously ill

  • Medical referees will expect that the evidence offered on the certificates demonstrates sound clinical grounds for the cause of death given, and you should complete form Cremation 5 with this in mind. Medical referees will also expect you to have examined the contents of form Cremation 4 before filling form Cremation 5 and that you fill in all of form Cremation 5.


  • At least five years standing, as interpreted by the GMC and Home Office, means as follows:
    • a) For UK graduates, five year post qualification registration with GMC including pre registration year.
    • b) For European Community graduates, pre or full registration with GMC and five years post qualification, includes time spent in other EC countries.
    • c) For all other medical graduates, five years registered with GMC, including preregistration year.


  • Huntingdon NHS Primary Care Trust (2005). Policy for death verification and certification, cremation formas and coroners referrals
  • Ministry of Justince.The Cremation (England and Wales) Regulations 2008.

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