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Life events and stress

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Death of spouse 100 Divorce 73 Marital separation 65 Prison term 63 Death of close family member 63 Personal injury or illness 53 Marriage 50 Sacked from work 47 Retirement or marrige reconciliation 45 Change in health of family member 44 Pregnancy 40 Sexual difficulties 39 Gain of new family member 39 Business readjustment 39 Change in financial status 38 Death of close friend 37 Change to different line of work 36 Change in no of arguments with spouse 35 Take on large mortgage 31 Foreclosure of mortgage or loan 30 Change in responsibilities at work 29 Son or daughter leaving home 29 Trouble with in-laws 29 Outstanding personal achievement 28 Wife begins/ends work. Begin/end school 26 Change in living conditions 25 Revision of personal habits 24 Trouble with boss 23 Change in working hours or conditions 20 Change in residence/school 20 Change in recreation/church activities 19 Change in social activities 18 Take on comfortable mortgage/loan 17 Change in sleeping habits 16 Change in no of family get-togethers 15 Change in eating habits 15 Holiday 13 Minor violation of the law 10 Christmas 12 ref: T Holmes and R Rahe J Psychosom Res 1967

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