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The most significant cause of lung cancer is smoking, with 80-90% of lung cancer occuring in smokers (1,2).

Passive smoking, though not as significant a risk factor as smoking oneself, increases the risk of bronchial carcinoma by a factor of 1.5, and may account for 5% of lung cancer.

Other aetiological agents include:

  • asbestos:
    • blue asbestos poses the greatest risk
    • associated with pleural mesothelioma and bronchial carcinoma

  • dust containing arsenics, dichromates, chromates, nickel (2)

  • coal tar and products of coal combustion (3)

  • chronic inflammation predisposes to alveolar cell carcinoma

  • ionising radiation (1,2)

  • chronic inflammation is associated with adenocarcinoma of the lung (4)


  • there is evidence that lung tumours associated with occupational exposure to arsenic are more likely to be adenocarcinomas (5)
  • polymorphisms in the genes for inflammatory mediator's (interleukin) IL1A and IL1B are more frequent in patients with lung cancer, in particular amongst heavy smokers (6)


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