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Ep 64 – Primary care dermatology: skin of colour


Posted 17 Feb 2023

Dr James Waldron, Dr Thuva Amuthan

In this episode, Dr James Waldron and Dr Thuva Amuthan (GP with an Extended Role in Dermatology) explore dermatological presentations, treatments and complications in skin of colour. The topics that they cover include: inequalities faced in certain patient groups; the psychological impact of pigmentation, depigmentation and scarring; eczema and acne in skin of colour; melasma and vitiligo; traction alopecia; and folliculitis and its potential severe consequences.

Thanks to Dr Thuva Amuthan for his time. All information in the episode is based on the personal experience of the presenters.




Key take-home points

  • We are often under-informed about dermatology in skin of colour, where presentations may be different and consequences more severe.
  • There can be inequalities in how services are commissioned, particularly in regard to pigment change and scarring.
  • As in all dermatological care, we should check the patient’s routine and not forget the basics.
  • Inflammatory conditions should be treated thoroughly with early escalation to prevent post-inflammatory changes.
  • Traction alopecia is difficult to reverse once it is present, and thus improved awareness in GPs and better education for patients are both important.
  • We should be mindful to consider the potential psychological impacts of dermatological conditions on the patient.
  • Educating our patients about their condition is key, and this includes letting them know what to expect.

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